Treat your favorite people

to a Not Forgotten® Time Capsule

& preserve their stories and memories for keeps.


Memories bring people together like nothing else.

Every generation has stories to tell... memories to safeguard. Memories and life stories are what makes the world go round. Moms & Dads, Grads, Newlyweds, Seniors and Grandparents all know this!

Sadly there’s no guarantee any of this will last. Time is unkind to photographs, CDs and videos. We now know even digital data rots as the years pass.

But now there’s a solution to this problem, and it’s here to bring life to your legacy.


Here’s a great way to show how much you value the people behind the stories you love to hear.

Record your loved one’s story – hire our pro videographer team or film it on the app. Their chosen photos, videos, voicemails, social media, documents, art, poems, recipes etc can complement the occasion. Not Forgotten brings them together in time capsules as a unique and timeless gift for generations of families to enjoy. 

Better still, Not Forgotten stories and memories are for keeps. These stories are safeguarded by a Trust,  protected from the ravages of data rot in climate-controlled vaults, mapped on the international registry and cataloged in the library system.

Here’s a genuinely personal gift no other store on the planet offers. It's an experience, the gift that keeps on giving. It has a home made feel like a photo album or scrapbook you create.

Only this time, the memories won’t ever fade or be lost.


Time Is a Gift

Whose Stories Belong To Everyone

The special people in your life add a sparkle all of their own. They’re truly one of a kind. That’s why a Not Forgotten® gift is unlike any other.

Now you can help them keep more of the one thing that’s truly their own.

Their story. Their life. Their times.

So what about surprising them with a Time Capsule that preserves their memories and ensures their stories will stand the test of time?


Not Forgotten time capsules are a gift like no other

Cherished memories, documents and stories safeguarded for centuries.


Will your great-grandchildren ever discover the best of your life and times? When your story is preserved in a digital Time Capsule built to last, the answer is YES. Your secure Time Capsule stores everything for future generations of your family to enjoy 300 years from now.


Film your story, and use the generous storage to keep your precious memories safe. Safeguards documents, video, photos, social media, all your best memories.


Automatically mapped on the international Time Capsule Register and linked to your family history, plus recorded on the blockchain and cataloged in the public library so you’ll never lose valuable family history documents or video footage of all your most special moments.


Memories die when photos fade, videos warp and CDs fail. But did you know digital data decays too? World-class archiving methods preserve your family story and protect your precious memories from data rot. Leave your descendants a treasure trove to cherish safe in climate-controlled vaults.

Hire a Pro

   "I wanted to let you know what a pleasure Daniel our Virtual Videographer was yesterday.  He was amazing with my Dad and certainly put my 86 year old father at ease throughout the entire experience.  He was a real jewel!.  It was certainly an amazing day for my father to reminisce his entire life over a virtual connection with a soft soul.  You made that happen for my father and his life has been enriched yet again .  The experience was pleasurable and seamless…everyone did a GREAT job!"

Lisa and Robert Smith  


Gifts in the making


Time capsules make more of life's landmark events.

These moments are truly special.

Take moms & dads, brides & grooms and graduates, for example.
Families come to life when new babies arrive, and thousands of graduates achieve their dreams every year. Wedding day celebrations happen week on week.

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Time Capsules for Grandparents & Seniors

Look back to the good times and say it the way it is. Look forward to future generations meeting you and hearing your incredible story.

Time Capsules for Children, Moms, Dads & Babies

Every day brings new surprises and time flies past before you know. Save the memories you cherish most as you grow together. Build a lifetime series.

Time capsules for Survivors & Fighters - the fight of your life

Sometimes we have to tell the tough stories. Here’s when it’s so important for your voice to be heard and to be assured your messages will be safe.

Time Capsules for Graduates

Graduation sets you up for the future like nothing else. Save all your memorabilia as you follow your dream and enjoy your college years. Get everyone in your friend group to build one and open it together in 20 years time.

Time Capsules for Brides & Grooms

From the excitement of the Big Day to the anniversary celebrations that follow, wedded bliss is a story worth sharing forever. Get everyone in your wedding party to contribute to a time capsule and open it on your 50th anniversary.


Tribute & Memorial Time Capsules

When loved ones leave us, they are never truly gone. Now you can make an extra special tribute to their legacy that honors their life and times.

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Family History Time Capsules

For family history buffs, here’s a great way to preserve your family tree and research, subscription free.

Now you can get creative about the story you wish to tell to future generations, with mega storage space.

Better still, you’ll have the reassurance that all your photos, documents and digital data will be crisply preserved and linked to your research.

Now your family can leave a rich and exciting treasure trail for your descendants to discover and enjoy.

For clubs, charities and organizations,

Here’s a new way to reward your members, students, employees and record your achievements.

How it works

STEP 1 : Filming stories

  • Share your story, remember them, leave a message or film an event.

  • Create a 30 minute stunning Not Forgotten®  Video.

  • Record live or online with our professional videographers. Receive a fully edited, quality 30-minute video .or film it yourself using the easy to use app. 

Time capsules are powered by Not Forgotten® Time Capsule Technology

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