You've made your college memories. Now reclaim them.


For grads who care about their memories

We believe we can reclaim our memories from the tech giants and that we can beat data rot to keep memories alive for lifetimes

Data Rot is on the RISE

Silent data corruption  is "widespread" (Facebook and Google 2021). All media will suffer catastrophic damage naturally. But software and crashes and bugs and malware and the never ending march or format changes are the enemies of memory preservation.

The Modern Legacy

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Library 2.0

The Solution.

Library 2.0 is a professional grade storage, search and access infrastructure. This keeps legacies free-to-find and easy-to-access for future generations - anywhere, anytime.

Timeless Stories Deserve Timeless Storage.

Your Data. Our trust

We believe you own you.

We often don't know what we've lost until it's gone. We're gradually eroding our concepts of what is ours, what others should be able to see, and what's an acceptable risk. We believe need to start treating the way companies collect our data, and what they do with it afterward, as unacceptable. Don't let your college memories be scanned and valued only as ad-tracking material. Place your memories on physical tapes in a vaulted mountain and have them protected by the Digital Preservation Trust 


Professionally filmed college legacy

Every legacy product has a story at its heart. For those who want theirs professionally filmed and edited - the NotForgotten®  film team is on hand. Online or in home options are available.

Then simply add your photos, vital documents, family trees, voicemails and check it into the library for safekeeping for 300 years. 



For grads who prefer to tell their story, their way. Download the Not Forgotten app, tell your story then simply add your photos, voicemails, emails, tiktoks and more and check it into the library for safekeeping for your life.

Film Team

For A Digital Age.

Filming exceptional stories in home or online . Our  certified professional film team will capture your 30min story to perfection for generations of your family to enjoy. 


Gift them Themselves

Personalized graduation gifts


Never Lose your Memorabilia

Time capsules cataloged on the WorldCat


Library 2.0 includes advanced search and access infrastructure.  Subscription Free. This keeps legacies free-to-find and easy-to-access for future generations - anywhere, anytime. Set your reunion date and have it tracked for decades.

Our Community

Our favorite college stories secured for generations.

How does it work

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Stage clip is inside

We've put your Stageclip in a time capsule for you. It will last 10 years. It wont rot or get lost.


Would you like to submit it right away, or keep it safe for longer (50 years)?

Legacy Drive


10% discount for your University

Will your own grandchildren ever discover your graduation the best of your  times? When your story is preserved with Library 2.0 technology , the answer is YES. 

Our Standards.

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