Genealogy has a long history and that's good news for time capsules

For family history buffs, here’s a great way to help them preserve their family tree. Now they can leave a rich and exciting treasure trail for future generations to discover and enjoy.

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Next generation story telling for family historians

No annual subscription. Generous storage for family stories and genealogy research. Family secrets kept safe for centuries. Stories linked to your family history records. Better still, the family historian can get truly creative about the story they wish to tell.


A time capsule is an inspiring way to make history

Family history has boomed in the past thirty years. More people than ever before now trace their family story and take steps to leave their own legacy.

But family history buffs know all too well the challenge in keeping stories and research alive and accessible for future generations.  Fire destroys photos and documents, and data rot ruins digital files. Your online account won't always be live. Here’s a great new and viable solution to an old and thorny problem.

History comes alive when you have the reassurance that all your photos, documents and digital data will be crisply preserved.  Every family has a keepsake box full of photos, letters, and digital memories. Here’s where long lost relatives reach out from the past and cherished stories never leave us. 


Fill your Not Forgotten® family history capsule with every important document


Protect your family legacy from data rot.

Don’t let data rot consume your research, family tree art, GEDCOM files, photos, letters, military records and videos. Store it all in a Time Capsule to be cared for by the Notforgotten® Digital Preservation Trust for centuries. Library of Congress archiving processes will ensure your family history will be kept safe and accessible, in a dry high security vault.

Directly link your family history to your time capsule through the public library system using source citations.

Not Forgotten uses the public library system to connect your family history directly to your time capsule, making it easy for generations of your descendants to find and access your time capsule. Your time capsule will be found whether they search on the library or on the blockchain, or a global repository of GEDCOMs.

Generations from now anyone in the family will be able to access your research – no log in or membership required

. Own your own family story and free your research from heavy subscriptions.  Use the generous 2GB of storage to preserve all your research without having to depend on a monthly subscription.


Is your story so much bigger than 15MB?

Use the generous 2GB of storage to preserve your research, family tree art, GEDCOM files, photos, letters, military records and videos. Need more space? Link a new capsule using your family history.

Tell your own story.  Be more than a name to your descendants.

Let them meet the real you and share in your story. Vital documents and faded photos never tell the full story about the real you. The rich narrative features of a NotForgotten Time Capsule capture the real record of your own life in your own words and preserve your precious archives for up to 10 generations.

Build a series of time capsules for everyone in your tree.

Bring your family tree to life, roots to branches. Create a series of Time Capsules for every living member of your family and connect them to the generations from times gone by.

Discovering our links to the past is life-changing. Telling stories for future generations is life-enhancing. Is this what you hear when they speak about their passion?

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Jessica Sampson

 “We’ve spent years researching our family tree. I don’t know what we’d do if we lost it all.”

Because family history comes to life when it’s made to last.

Being made to last means it does not get lost, forgotten, or succumb to data rot. Not Forgotten Time Capsules have overcome this challenge.

Our Time Capsules are never lost or forgotten. Here's how.



When your family story is preserved in time capsules all your history and research will be protected in a climate controlled vault. Ready  for future generations to find & access.



Every time capsule is mapped on the International Time Capsule Register and linked to your family history (through your GEDCOM record) so you’ll never lose your research.



Recorded on the blockchain and cataloged in the public library so future generations will find your time capsule exactly when you want it opened.

150 and 300 year packages only



Memories die when photos fade, videos warp and CDs fail. World-class archiving methods protect your precious memories from data rot. Leave your descendants a treasure safely in dry vaults.



Film your story, and use the generous 2GB* storage to keep your  memories safe. Add documents, video, photos, social media, recipes, family history wall art, all your research, and any  family secrets!

300 year time capsules only


Cherished memories and stories, safeguarded for centuries.

Ready to gift someone on a historic mission?


The perfect Christmas or milestone birthday gift
for family history enthusiasts.
New hobby suggestion for families everywhere.


Your gift means the historic stories are Not Forgotten