​Want to tell your most important story? 

... In your words, just like it is? And know that it will be around for a long long time, building bridges between you, the story teller and its listener?

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Sometimes friends and family have to tell the tough stories.

Here’s when it’s so important for their voice to be heard and their thoughts and feelings to be expressed with passion.

It’s here where life can seem impossible but hope springs eternal.

Now you can show them a way through the pain that puts them in control of their legacy.


Some stories are so important they deserve to be told, for generations, over and over.

Stories of fighting and survival can be beneficial for teaching and for motivating change. Keep them as fresh as the day they happened and re-visit them often.   Want to be assured their message will survive? 



Fill your Not Forgotten® time capsule with every important memory and message 

Patient and Survivor time capsules

Survived a trauma?  Want your journey to bring inspiration when it’s needed most?

Whether it’s the details of your personal fight and the lessons you've learned or your journal of hope and courage, now you can keep your story alive in a NotForgotten® Time Capsule for hundreds of years.

Leaving a legacy? Preserve the personal photos, videos and documents that really matter to you so your legacy endures.

Preserve the personal photos, videos and documents that really matter to you so your legacy endures. Store your precious memories, lessons, messages and stories in a Time Capsule to be cared for by the Notforgotten® Digital Preservation Trust for centuries.

Sharing your most important story?

Use the rich video storytelling features of Not Forgotten. Film a stunning Not Forgotten® Video telling your story, in your words and share it on our professional high speed media platform.  Hire a videographer to make it profesional. Don’t let data rot consume the compelling tale of your fight.


Leaving a series of messages to be opened at different times?

Want to be certain your truth, lessons and feelings live on? Capture video stories and messages - your favorite moments and memories of your brightest times. Create a series of time capsules to be opened at different points, or by different people.

Looking for closure on your cause? 

Package the documents, websites, social media, photos and videos up . Store it in your Time Capsule so you’re ready to reflect on the journey any time. Set the date for when the Time Capsule will be opened & NotForgotten will preserve it for up to 300 years in climate controlled vaults in the USA

Want to speak for your own life?

Library of Congress archiving processes will ensure your story, messages and memories will be kept safe and accessible. Rest assured your family treasure will be available for generations of your family to enjoy.

Courage is everlasting

and some stories are so important

 they deserve to be told.

How much would they love to share what’s on their mind ...


Joanne Bridger

            “Nothing feels certain. But I know in my heart what’s important. How can I say it all? What will happen to all my precious photos and documents that tell the story of my life?

We ask our most searching questions in times of trouble.

We seek answers. Whatever has true value and needs saying out loud gets spoken in these difficult times.

Not Forgotten is where you can you turn when you need your voice heard and your story told. 

Here’s how you can be certain your truth and feelings live on, and bring inspiration to others when it’s needed most.



When your story is preserved in time capsules all your favorite stories will be protected in a climate controlled vault. Safely stored away, ready to enjoy for generations.



Every time capsule is mapped on the International Time Capsule Register and linked to your family history so you’ll never lose your story.



Recorded on the blockchain and cataloged in the public library so future generations will find your time capsule when you want it opened.

150 and 300 year packages only



Memories die when photos fade, videos warp and CDs fail. World-class archiving methods protect your precious memories from data rot. Leave your descendants a treasure safely in dry vaults.



Film your story, and use the generous storage to keep your  memories safe. Add documents, videos, photos, letters, recipes, art, family history or even your will!.


Whether you’ve faced an enormous struggle and triumphed, or you’re still in the fight, here’s where your words and thoughts have real grit and meaning.


When it comes to sharing the stories that truly matter, at a moment that really matters, let it be YOUR voice that speaks for your life and lessons.  Archive everything in your Time Capsule.

Your story will be around for a long, long time.


Why not simply show you care

with a total surprise, just because?

Life’s journey may meet with adversity.  Here’s where a helping hand is always welcome. Stories can sometimes help. Stories build bridges. When the tellers voice is silenced, the bridge between teller and listener remains…


Cherished messages & stories safeguarded for centuries

Ready to gift someone who truely deserves to win?

Your gift means the most important stories are Not Forgotten.

Rest assured your legacy will be around for a long long time.

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