Let it be YOUR voice that speaks for your life

We will all be gone soon, and forever. There comes a point in your life when you look back and the truth really strikes you. You have a lot of days behind you and fewer in front of you ... and you can’t change this. But there’s one great thing you can do. Have the last word

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Memories & life stories are what makes the world go round.

Seniors and grandparents all know this! Sadly, most of the photographic and digital material we all have won't survive the generations, because of data rot. Which means memories will be lost, history will go unnoticed, and stories will die.

Unless ... you don’t allow this to happen. 

So what about surprising them with a Not Forgotten® Time Capsule that preserves their story?

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   "I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure Daniel our Virtual Videographer was yesterday.  He was amazing with my Dad and certainly put my 86 year old father at ease throughout the entire experience.  He was a real jewel!.  It was certainly an amazing day for my father to reminisce his entire life over a virtual connection with a soft soul.  You made that happen for my father and his life has been enriched yet again .  The experience was pleasurable and seamless…everyone did a GREAT job!"

Lisa and Robert Smith  


Who will remember them when the sands of time have slipped through their fingers?

Through the gift of a Not Forgotten Time Capsule you help tell the stories future generations will enjoy. 

Want to tell their story in a WONDERFUL way?  Here are some ideas for their time capsule


Fill your Not Forgotten® time capsule with every important story

Grandparent Time Capsules

Leaving a legacy?

Put everything that matters to you in your Capsule - your most valued photos, letters, documents, your family history - even your will!.

Inspire your descendants -  tell your story.

Whether it’s the little lessons, the secret to happiness, the big experiences, your NotForgotten® Time Capsule keeps your story alive.

Protect your legacy from data rot

Don’t let data rot consume your art, music, photos and videos. Store your precious legacy, stories and vital documents in a Time Capsule to be cared for by the Notforgotten® Digital Preservation Trust for centuries.


Never want to forget Grandpas favorite stories?

Get grandpa to tell all his favorite stories you love to hear or Grandma to share her "words from the wise"

Film them on video, record them on voice recordings. Put them in a time capsule This priceless treasure will be available for many generations of your family to enjoy.

Keeping a family secret?

Leave a family secret in your time capsule, and set the date of opening you choose.

Want to speak for your own life?

Leave your message, in your words in a time capsule. Library of Congress archiving processes will ensure your story will be kept safe and accessible, in a dry high security vault. Rest assured your family treasure will be available for many generations to come.

How many times have you heard them say ...

Senior Man

Richard Eemmet

“All my photos are turning brown, and lines run through my old videos. How can I save them for my family?”

Grandparents love to tell their stories. Out on the porch is where the best family tales are told.

This generation grew up without so many of today’s media solutions. Their words are often all they have to bring faded photos to life, and they wonder ... how will these stories endure?

These personal histories should always be timeless.

Here's how Not Forgotten technology make that possible.



When your story is preserved in time capsules all your favorite stories will be protected in a climate controlled vault. Safely stored away, ready to enjoy for generations.



Every time capsule is mapped on the International Time Capsule Register and linked to your family history so you’ll never lose your story.



Recorded on the blockchain and cataloged in the public library so future generations will find your time capsule when you want it opened.

150 and 300 year packages only



Memories die when photos fade, videos warp and CDs fail. World-class archiving methods protect your precious memories from data rot. Leave your descendants a treasure safely in dry vaults.



Film your story, and use the generous storage to keep your  memories safe. Add documents, videos, photos, letters, recipes, art, family history or even your will!.

Gift occasions for grandparent time capsules



Retirement gifts

Thinking of you



Cherished memories & stories safeguarded for centuries

Ready to gift someone special?


The wisest and dearest people in your family have the most heart-warming tales to tell. A time capsule is a gift that celebrates and preserves these time-honored stories.

Help them keep more of the one thing that’s truly their own.

Their story. Their life. Their times.

Birthdays, Christmas gifts or just sending smiles across the miles? Gift someone you love the experience of a time capsule - the chance to look back to the good times and say it the way it is. 

Or why not simply show you care

with a total surprise, just because?


Photos may fade, but memories are made to last.

Imagine if your life story lived on, long beyond your days.
So future generations could hear your words and see you smile as you shared the best moments of your life with them. There’s so much that makes you who you are, and now you can preserve your greatest moments for 300 years.
Your NotForgotten Time Capsule offers your loved ones the chance to know you, to learn from you, and remember you as the spectacular human you are.
They’ll see and hear your messages to them, and get a real feel for your life through the photos and documents you share. Create the story you want your great-great grandkids to hear.
Photos may fade, but memories are made to last. Now you can leave a legacy for future generations of your family to enjoy, exactly the way you want your story to be heard.


Your gift means the timeless stories are Not Forgotten.

Soon they can look forward to future generations meeting them and hearing their incredible story.

Rest assured your family treasure will be available for generations of your family to enjoy. 

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