How it works

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STEP 1 : Filming stories

  • Share your story, memory, leave a message or film an event.

  • Create a 30 minute stunning Not Forgotten®  Video.

  • Hire a professional videographer or do it yourself using the easy to use app. 

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✔  Your story begins with a professional 30-minute video. All told exactly your way, then stored where you know it will be found.

Record live or online with our videographers and receive a fully edited, quality 30-minute video.

 Prefer to call the shots? The easy-to-use app and template system captures your story to perfection.

✔ Select your favorite photos and documents to accompany your story. (300 years and memory box only)

✔ Set the date for opening your time capsule - make it a special anniversary, a special date for your special message, or a reunion

✔ Capture your family data and have your time capsule linked to it.

✔ Then it is mapped on the international registry of Time Capsules.

✔ Longer life time capsules are given library cards and blockchain records to make extra sure they aren't lost.

✔ The entire story is safeguarded in secure vaults for up to 300 years, protected by the Digital Preservation Trust  - all ready for future generations of your family to enjoy.

Here’s a creative and practical way to record and save your very best stories.


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Everybody has a story to tell. Share the lessons you learned, your favorite stories, the brightest moments and the big experiences that mattered along the way. Want to leave a message? No problem!


✔ All Time Capsules let you record 30 minutes of video.

Record it and let your chosen photos, videos, voicemails, family history, social media, art, or recipes complement the occasion. 300 year and memory box capsules let you store a generous amounts of additional memories.

✔ 2GB of digital assets means you can store plenty! Sketches, recipes, videos, photos, research voicemails, letters, your family tree ... anything you like!

​✔ For serious collectors, 20GB of digital assets means you can store your whole collection - art, photos, videos, architectural drawings and more

Add more Time Capsules as your story unfolds. The same benefits and protections apply.

Here’s an inspiring insight into your life for future generations to find and enjoy.

Time is unkind to photographs, CDs and videos. We know even digital data rots as the years pass.


But your loved one’s Time Capsule guarantees their stories will stand the test of time.

This means your story really is for keeps! Everything you store in your Time Capsule stays intact for generations.

Want to know more? Looking for extra help?

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From the moment it’s sealed in your personal Time Capsule, your story is safeguarded and protected from data rot safe in a climate-controlled vault in the USA.


ISO- 27001 certified data repository systems maintained by the Digital Preservation Trust ensure all your data updates to the latest technology and format to keep it alive. 

Recommended filming kit

Recommended accessories for making a high quality time capsule

Sometimes we need a little extra

Even though smart phones are capable of making very high quality video, Not Forgotten recommends several products that could enhance the professionalism of the DIY film you produce. Each of these products is reviewed in the demo videos below.