Your legacy deserves to last.


Be remembered in your words

We believe we can reclaim our memories from the tech giants and that we can beat data rot to keep memories alive for lifetimes.. Not Forgotten® creates a place for LAPD families to store, search, and access their stories and legacies for lifetimes.

Data Rot is on the RISE

Silent data corruption  is "widespread" (Facebook and Google 2021). All media will suffer catastrophic damage naturally. But software and crashes and bugs and malware and the never ending march or format changes are the enemies of memory preservation.

Assembling legacy

What you receive

The Modern Legacy

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Library 2.0

The Solution.

Library 2.0 is a professional grade storage, search and access infrastructure. This keeps legacies free-to-find and easy-to-access for future generations - anywhere, anytime.

Timeless Stories Deserve Timeless Storage.

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Your Data. Our trust

We believe you own you.

We often don't know what we've lost until it's gone. We're gradually eroding our concepts of what is ours, what others should be able to see, and what's an acceptable risk.  Don't let your stories and memories be scanned and valued only as ad-tracking material. Place your memories on physical tapes in a vaulted mountain and have them protected by the Digital Preservation Trust 


Gift experiences filmed by 

Tim Ciccareli

Legacy products are a gift like no other - providing a priceless gift for generations of a family. Filming is easy and natural - with Tim who has worked with LAPD grad classes for decades.

Gift certificates are available where the recipient can book their filming appointment at a time that suits them.  Download the certificate and surprise them with this thoughtful gift them on their special day. 



Partner for fundraising

Police services are home to landmark moments, and stories needing to be told.  We provide the filming and your organization uses the funds generated from legacy products to invest back into your community. Your community benefits from an engaging and historic program that can inspire others for generations.

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For A Digital Age.

Filming exceptional stories in home or in high definition online . Tim Cicarelli will capture your 30min experiences and stories to perfection for generations of your family to enjoy. 

Ultimate experience. 2 hours filming in person. 300 years preservation. 2GB extra storage space





Remote interview. 1 hour filming in high definition online. 300 years preservation. 2GB extra storage space

Time Traveler



Legacies preserved for 150 years. 20GB extra storage space

Memory Box




The ultimate tribute  - that lasts for lifetimes over

The tribute & memorial that lives on


Leave something special for the ones you love the most.

Legacies cataloged on the WorldCat and preserved for centuries


Not Forgotten legacies are free-to-find and easy-to-access for future generations - anywhere, anytime. As simple as a Google search or checking a book out of a library. Legacies are confidential for up to 50 years or public from today. You choose. Convert your legacy to a time capsule by simply adding an opening date.

Our Community

Our favorite college stories secured for generations.

How does it work

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Your grad photo is inside

We've put your photo in a time capsule for you. It will last 10 years. It wont rot or get lost.


Would you like to submit it right away, or keep it safe for longer (50 years)?

LAPD Graduation
Legacy Drive


20% goes towards LAPD

Will your own grandchildren ever discover your graduation the best of your  times? When your story is preserved with Library 2.0 technology , the answer is YES. 

Our Standards.

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