When you need to be the voice that speaks for loved ones, doing justice to their life and achievements speaks volumes.

Now you can share their story as it was always meant to be heard. Nothing missing, nothing fading, everything here.

When loved ones leave us, they are never truly gone. Now you can make an extra special tribute to their legacy that stands the test of time.

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There’s so many ways you can remember someone special.

Keep your dearest story alive in a NotForgotten® Time Capsule for hundreds of years. Did a loved one leave you their precious photos, cookbook, poems, paintings and family history research?  Do they have a magnificent legacy on social media worth saving, or a beautiful home worth digitizing and preserving? Perhaps someone cared enough to make beautiful eulogy for them?


Fill your Not Forgotten® memorial time capsule with every important memory


Were you gifted a loved ones legacy?

Put everything that matters in their memorial Capsule - their most valued photos, letters, documents,  family history - even their will!. Library of Congress archiving processes will ensure their legacy will be kept safe and accessible, in a dry high security vault. Rest assured this priceless family treasure will be available for many generations to come.

Have a favorite story of them?

There is no better tribute than a favorite story. Get family to Capture their favorite moments and memories of their brightest times together in a time capsule. Film the stories on video, record them on voice recordings. Put them in a time capsule. This gift will be available for many generations of their family to enjoy.

Ensure their loved ones have a keepsake story of this amazing person’s life.

Film a NotForgotten® Video of their whole story of their lives. Whether it’s their favorite things, their proudest moments, or simply the arc of their lives, now you can keep their story alive in a NotForgotten® Time Capsule for up to 300 years.


The ultimate tribute. Save their eulogy for the grandchildren.

Hire a NotForgotten Videographer to film the eulogy and capture a stunning memory tribute and lasting legacy for your loved one. Did you film their funeral eulogy and have memorial messages from friends and family you want to treasure and care for? Would you love to keep this safe for their grandchildren?

Create a stunning online tribute.

Share their NotForgotten Memorial Video on a stunning high speed media site for family and friends to pay respect

Protect their legacy from data rot

Don’t let data rot consume their art, music, photos and videos. Store their precious legacy, stories and vital documents in a Time Capsule to be cared for by the Notforgotten® Digital Preservation Trust for centuries. Library of Congress archiving processes will ensure your story will be kept safe and accessible, in a dry high security vault. This family treasure will be available for many generations to come.

Not Forgotten time capsules keep memories and legacies alive. Doing justice to their life. Nothing missing, nothing fading.

How can you help others who wish to remember?

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Linda Cooper

“When the new baby comes, it will be the first in our family not to have known Grandma. How will we tell her story?”

Not Forgotten ensures nothing is overlooked. Time Capsules are a way to make memories of loved ones endure.

When questions about the future are intense, and full of loss, the answers time capsules deliver can help the joy live on beyond the difficult times. Our Time Capsules are never lost or forgotten. Here's how.



When a loved one's story is preserved in a time capsule all  their brightest moments will be protected in a climate controlled vault. Ready to enjoy even when you're 70.



Every time capsule is mapped on the International Time Capsule Register and all time capsules are linked to a family's history so you’ll never lose their legacy.



Recorded on the blockchain and cataloged in the public library so future generations will find your time capsule when you want it opened.

150 and 300 year packages only



The digital stories of your loved one brought to life and stored away in climate controlled vaults. To be enjoyed for your lifetime and beyond.



Film your memories of them, and use the generous storage to keep their legacy safe. Add video, photos, social media, voicemail, certificates, recipes, and collections.


Sympathy cards and flowers accompany every bereavement.
But now there’s a more enduring way
to remember loved ones and cherish their memory.
NotForgotten keeps the candle burning bright 
because loved ones we have lost inspired our hearts.


Cherished memories & stories safeguarded for centuries

Ready to gift someone who will always remember?

Memorial time capsule

Your gift means the dearest stories are NotForgotten.

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