• Mallory Garber

Craziest Time Capsules

Modern technology gives us the gift of preserving time in the most creative ways. Give the past a personality by making memorable time capsules.

It may be hard to believe, but even before getting an internship with a time capsule company, they have always interested me. How could they not? When you really think of the concept of time capsules they are so complex and intriguing. The idea of preserving your most treasured possessions for generations far beyond your life to see is so fascinating to me. Think about how quickly life changes and the way we live it. What better way to remind us of our past than looking back with physical momentums?

We as a society in itself have learned so much from time capsules. A prime example is Oglethorpe’s Crypt of Civilization. It is known to be the oldest millennial time capsule in the making and largest in the world. Plans to execute this capsule started as early as 1936. It was designed to store records for over 6,000 years, something so epic it has never been done before. The visionary of this project was Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, Oglethorpe University president.

According to the International Time Capsule Society,

“Jacobs was convinced that his generation could be the first to perform what he later called ‘our archaeological duty.’ This was an obligation to provide for future historians a thorough and accurate record, scientifically selected and preserved, of life in the twentieth century.”

The time capsule was sealed at Oglethorpe University on May 28, 1940. The capsule is not to be opened until May 28, 8113. The year 8113 does not even sound real! It is so crazy to think regardless of what happens, time goes on, no matter how long it may seem.

It’s almost like a game we play with ourselves to see just how far we have come.

I had to do some research for this blog and let me tell you…I cannot believe some of the things I found. Usually when I think of time capsules, all that comes up is some old videos, faded pictures, and maybe some tattered bits of an ancient news paper article. Well according to a simple google search, they can be made up of so much more. I never realized how clever people could be with these things.

In 2019, The Space Needle sealed a capsule that is set to be opened April 21, 2062, with more than 100 items tucked inside. Some items inside were kept a secret, an interesting tactic for those who open it 42 years from now. The first five items of the capsule included:

  • Set of Forever stamps