• Mallory Garber

How to Keep the Memory of Someone Alive

Do not let the thought of death outshine a beautiful life. Read this blog to see how time capsules are the best way to carry on a legacy after they have passed.

Usually when we think of death, it is followed by a dark shadow of fear and loss. We have this idea embedded in our brains that once a person passes they can never be present again. I don’t believe that is always the case though. No, I am not saying they haunt us in the shape of a ghost, but I think a person’s memory can be kept alive, keeping what was once with us forever.

Death does not only need to be seen as something to be mourned. There are other perspectives when it comes to coping with the people we have lost in our lives. One of those ways is the Mexican tradition, Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a holiday in which its sole purpose is to celebrate the lives that once were. The day is filled with wild festivals, desserts, and dramatic costumes. I find something beautiful in the act of rejoicing for someone who no longer can.

Mexico Day of the Dead Festival

We often let our emotions consume us, unaware of the effects it may have. It’s easy for the memory of someone to be drowned by the sorrows of those missing them. That is why it is important to keep their legacy afloat, not allowing their death outshine their life.

I am sure most of you reading this have lost someone close to you at some point or another. Death is something everyone has in common, making it a necessity to keep each others memories alive. When I think about the people I have lost, I not only remember them for who they were, but through all the stories I have heard about them. Every life carries a grand story that deserves to be heard. Yet our lives never seem as exciting as they actually are, making us unable to realize just how special life really is until it is taken away from us, and others have to reflect on it on our behalf.

Life is so special, it is important to make every second count.

Well, that got deep. Not many ways to avoid that when writing a blog about death, but there are ways to show that death does not mean something is necessarily over. With the technology available to all of us today, there is no reason someone’s legacy should die with them. After we lose someone, it’s hard to think of ways to carry on in life without them…but with time capsules that is not always the case. Today legacy time capsule technology extends all the way to making a talking holographic of your loved one, of course it comes at a breathtaking price. But it is still possible for the rest of us to get really creative at keeping the memory of someone who has passed alive — and its worth doing, not only for you and generations of your family to come, but for them.

Time capsules give loved ones the opportunity to show the world and future generations just how special of a person the world had lost. When building a capsule with companies like NotForgotten, you are given the chance to not let something as precious as life go to waste. People like Linda Cooper, who have lost someone dearly, exemplify how a time capsule has put a little light in her situation.

“When the new baby comes, it will be the first in our family not to have known Grandma. How will we tell her story?”

With every death comes a beautiful new life, ready to hear about all the world has to offer…including those who have been lost. There is no reason the love for someone who has passed should be faded.

If I were to create a capsule for someone I wanted to remember forever, I would be sure to make it as detailed as possible. When that person is gone, it’s almost like the time capsule takes their place, filling the void with the best version of them. It is the most positive and descriptive tribute one could leave behind. I find it ironic how a virtual time capsule has the ability to last longer than five life times. The ability to avoid data rot has allowed memories to last longer than ever before.

When it comes to documenting a life in a time capsule, I think it necessary to start from the beginning. Who we are is made up from every phase of our lives (even the cringe ones). As much as I hate to admit it, my awkward middle school years are a huge part of what shaped me and my personality today. It’s important to embrace all aspects of life and believe everything we went through was for a reason, a reason that should be capsuled.