• Mallory Garber

Keepsakes you can Keep Forever | NotForgotten Time Capsules

This blog is me challenging you to build a better future from your past. Our stories matter, save them in a time capsule.

It’s always the same warm, nostalgic tingle that settles in my bones while watching home videos. It’s like wrapping a soft blanket of memories around my shoulders filling me with safety and comfort. My family and I have a tradition of coming together every couple months, despite our busy schedules and fast-paced lives, to crowd around the TV and watch old home movies. Between the five us… we have some pretty interesting stories. It is nice to know my sister pulled the same tricks she did when I was two years old, 20 years later. Some things never change, right? Although, I am glad to see that my dad’s retro style has. Home videos are always our main source of entertainment at family reunions. It breaks the awkward conversations about what we have done to fill our time since we had last seen each other. These videos give us a chance to step out of whatever crazy reality we are settled in and remember simpler times. Something about watching your 3-year-old self stuff your face with absolutely no grace or care in the world is hilarious. That is where the magic in all of this is, watching my uncle who works a full-time job and handles three kids laugh until tears are brought to his eyes. These memories are a temporary break allowing us to reminisce on all the things that brought us to where we are in life today.

I think the most cherished memories we have saved are with those who are no longer with us. My sisters, cousins, and I used to put on a play for our whole family using all our grandmother’s silk scarves and jewelry. Looking back on what we thought was an elaborately executed form of art turned into a bunch of toddlers dancing around spewing nonsense. Now being 20 years-old watching my grandparents’ mock laughter and congratulations for our benefit fills me with so much respect and gratitude. It is clear from these videos how much our elders encouraged us to become our very best selves, something that’s not so clear in innocence. Seeing my late grandparents uplifting smiles and spirit place the same feeling of inspiration as it did when they were around. My grandpa always used to say, “you eat that broccoli and you will live 100 years longer.” While that phrase always remains in my head as a silly reminder, actually hearing his voice in tape makes us all relive the experience.

So, I know what you are thinking: “why is this random girl ranting about her family?” Honestly this is not something I thought I would find myself writing about, but I am glad I actually got the opportunity to. I am currently a junior in college and the inevitable, impending fear of never finding a job has finally settled in. In a frantic effort to beef up my resume, I came across NotForgotten. Growing up, I have always had a passion for writing. I believe it is the best form of communication to break through to an audience and truly get them to feel what is being projected at them. My university simply sent out an email with the subject line “internship opportunities,” and NotForgotten’s blogging intern position seemed the most appealing to me. At first, I really did not know what to expect. I knew just as much about the company as you do at this point. What I did not anticipate was how interested I would be by the complex technology this company holds. After doing my research and truly understanding the goal behind NotForgotten, I thought to myself, “not only am I getting experience, but I get to write about something I genuinely think people should be aware of.” When it comes to time capsules, it seems like a pretty simple concept right? Well, not exactly. We forget to think about the logistics that go into burying objects into the earth’s deep soil for no given length of time. Not only do you have to worry about data rot, but literal physical rot that can seep into the time capsule and harm your belongings. There is also the fear of that time capsule being too hard to find. Could you imagine 80 years from now your descendants are running around a large field with a shovel trying to find a big chunk of metal filled with your most cherished items? NotForgotten offers a digital vault that seals any content you want.

The International Time Capsule Society was created to maintain a global database of all known time capsules. The Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Library contains a current map and register of domestic and commercial time capsules. While it may just seem like another website promising you false realities, NotForgotten actually has something no other does. Their latest technology they developed allows the vaults to hold memories up to 300 years, longer than any site can save data without being damaged in the process. In essence, think of NotForgotten as your safest option…because it is. I, personally, cannot not think of anywhere I would rather keep my most savored keepsakes. It is the family scrapbook that never deteriorates.

As much as we do not want to admit it, the world is evolving, making concepts like a physical time capsule out of date. Realistically,