• Mallory Garber

Make Your Child The Main Character of Their Favorite Movie

Updated: Feb 21

It’s no wonder time capsules for kids are experiencing a huge surge in 2020. Here’s how to make yours. It’s officially that time of year. Baby season! After all the weddings and holidays between the months of January and February, couples become inspired to bring new life into this world and create their own families. It feels especially prevalent this year — or perhaps this year people have just found other ways to entertain themselves during quarantine, and my generation are going to be the new boomers.

Either way I don’t mind, because babies just make everything better. Any family event we have I am drawn towards the kids table where there is no drama and a bunch of cute faces. When we think of babies, we think of beings that have not been exposed to the troubles that usually are attached in life. The first years of a child’s life are so special but too often many of these precious moments are missed by the new parents. No one can blame them, its exhausting. In fact in general when one becomes a parent, life gets set in fast forward, preventing us from pausing and truly savoring the memorable moments.

Most parents in the digital world we live in do their best – snapping thousands of smart phone videos and photos of their off spring at every opportunity …but in the end for the majority of parents— in the chaos of lunch boxes and sporting goods - the catalog of memories turns to disarray and the favorite films can no longer be located. Given time, eventually these thousands of photos and smartphone videos will turn to data rot.

Lauren Southworth, mother of two teenage boys, explains why parents should hold on to their child’s youth for as long as they can. Being that she has already made a time capsule for her children, I found it inspiring how happy she was that she had actually done it.

You can tell a lot about how a person is going to turn out based off their mannerisms as a baby. We are all born with our nature but of course it’s time and experiences — the ones that make our stories — that then shape us after we are born. In Lauren’s experience, she can only see the shadow of who her kids used to be in their older age, and that thought makes me sad.

My mother, with three fully grown girls, has the perfect testament to that theory. My oldest sister, Shayna, was always curious. Her eyes were constantly wide and her mouth was always in a state of aw. Every time she saw something she thought interesting, she would shout “OOOOO” with her lips in a perfect circle. Then there was Rachel. Rachel seemed to have a tantrum at every inconvenience that approached her. Finally, I arrived…pretty silent. Over 20 years later and each of our personalities reflect the way we behaved as children. Shayna remains curious, always wanting to learn about what the world has to offer. Rachel is headstrong and confident, and then there is me. Not to brag, but from what I hear quiet babies are usually the most wise

There is a very different bond between a new born child and their parents vs. a fully grown one. When you have a baby, you are their world, but as adults, you must let them go to find their own independence. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture each phase of this journey? To record the way your child was able to develop their independence and let them watch it back when they were parents, or grandparents themselves?

I am lucky to have had parents that were able to document my childhood, giving me the opportunity to look back on my journey and reflect on what parts of me are simply my nature and relive some of the stories I was too young to remember. I want to keep this documentary for the rest of my life and to be able to show it to my own kids one day, so they can meet their grandma when she was a young woman.

What if I told you there was a way to preserve your child’s journey through all their most important moments of time? A way that you could keep the untarnished, most innocent version of themselves alive forever?

Time capsules for your child capture the art you have curated when it comes to the values you have implanted in their lives. A life series of time capsules starting with a baby time capsule allows your child to inspect the way you raised them.

Living in the midst of a pandemic feels for all of us like we are actors in a dystopian movie. But parents in 2020 are in completely uncharted territory. Suddenly parents are replacing the role of friends, being the playdate, the teacher, all whilst trying to create the safest, most entertaining environment for their children as possible (and not to mention fitting in the jelly in the peanut butter — their day job).