• adrienne waterman

Thanksgiving message - from our family to yours

This message goes out to our NotForgotten family - to our videographers who have fought so hard to stay in business this year, our college students feeling lost in your new virtual transition, our brides whose wedding plans were ruined because of social distancing, and to our many seniors who are feeling isolated….

Our gratitude goes out to you and your family this Thanksgiving. Thank you for your business in 2020!

To those NotForgotten families who have lost a loved one this year Richie, Mickey, Lucy, Sharon, we send our special thoughts .... Sheila Gregory, Rick Waterman, Keith Charles. your stories and smiles make us thankful!

For some of us today, instead of gathering around a table with our closest friends and family, we might be tucking into our turkey and sweet potato casserole over Zoom. Between Covid, elections and having to distance from our loved ones… it is easy to forget the little things that really matter to us. but it is during times like these where we must look back and remind ourselves of how much we have to be thankful for.

We’d even argue one of the greatest gifts this challenging year has given us was a new perspective on the things we’ve been taking for granted all this time. A new perspective on just how grateful we are for the simplest of things. Memories, stories, experiences, talking to Mom.

If nothing else, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can make even the bravest of home cooks tremble in their slippers. Thanksgiving is about sharing a feast with the people you care about. But this year with a little creativity you can spend more time with your loved ones and less time panicking in the kitchen. No game plan needed today!

And if you’re in the mood for spreading some gratitude around - why not sponsor a senior in your community - set up a team and help them get their story told,

While it's hard not to be face to face with the people you love this year, you can still celebrate from afar, So grab an adult beverage, settle down in front of Zoom and lift someone's spirits with a few stories and memories. Better still, record them! These are the things that will last longer than a lifetime that you will always be thankful you did.

With love and great health we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. Thank you for supporting our business through the trials of this year. We are grateful for your loyalty.

And pie, gotta be grateful for pie.