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Time Capsules for a Bride Continued…

Follow up on how last blog’s wedding went and why it should be remembered forever.

So if you had read my last blog, you know my sister has just gotten married. If you have not read my last blog, I am sure you are wondering “who has a wedding during a pandemic?” Let me tell you, it was not easy. There was a lot of anxiety and stress leading up to the big day. Being that this was a wedding that had already been rescheduled due to the virus, there was a lot of pressure…but the show must go on!

While there were some bumps in the road, the wedding could not have gone more smoothly. There are some things in life that can not be put off and this was one of them. I believe anything can get done with a bit of compromise. There were various ups and downs leading up to the wedding:


  • Corona: I think we can all agree the biggest con that has played a role in all of our lives is COVID-19. The virus had followed us all the way from the original wedding date (April) to December. Where we once thought things would be better, they somehow managed to escalate. Luckily as society, we have managed to adapt.

  • Infected Guests: Unfortunately, as we anticipated, many of the guests leading up to the wedding had caught corona. Luckily all are well and recovered, but were unable to make the ceremony. Two of those people were a bridesmaid and a groomsman. My cousin, Alexis and her husband Ron had contracted it along with the rest of their family. While they were an essential part of the wedding, their presence was not completely missed. They were on face time the entire wedding and got to experience it as if they were standing there, right next to the bride.

  • Postponement: A lot of time and effort was put into planning the wedding all over again. I could only imagine what that poor wedding planner went through every time she received a call making a change to the wedding. Fortunately, most people and places were very understanding of what is going on right now and were very flexible.


  • Smaller Wedding: Cutting the wedding down by 150 people was actually a blessing in disguise. Weddings have a way of getting a bit out of hand when planning. Half the guests on the list, Shayna, my sister, did not even know. Corona gave us the excuse to host a wedding with people that genuinely love the bride and groom.

  • Weather: The day could not have been more perfect for a wedding. Due to the circumstances, we believed an outside wedding was the safest option. Usually that decision can be risky, but the odds were in our favor December 13th. The ceremony began at 4 pm, creating the perfect golden hour aesthetic without a sing drop of sweat in sight.

  • Making History: We took that chance of exploring an event we had no guidance for. When we look back we can say we took that risk, and remember it was a risk worth taking.

When December 13th finally rolled around everything just seemed to… I was oddly suspicious of how well everything was going. There had to be a catch right?

I guess 2020 decided to let us have this one.

Before the ceremony started, each of the bridesmaids and groomsman took a rapid COVID test. We had one casualty, but he exited the premises without having contacted anyone. On the bright side we can say an asymptomatic person was now aware of their infection and could go into quarantine.

Leading up to the ceremony, mimosas were drank and nerves were calmed. Shayna looked absolutely stunning as she made her way to the main lobby. I can personally say I am not a very sappy person, but I cried like a baby when vows were said. After the words “you may now kiss the bride” were said, you could actually hear the sighs of relief from the crowd. They did it! This day that everyone had been anxiously waiting for finally happened. There was a time when it seemed so far away and unrealistic and all the sudden, there we were cheering for them as they walked down the rose pedaled isle with smiled on both their faces.

Although the day was unconventional, it was historic. Not to be biased, but I believe my decision to gift her with a time capsule was the most relevant gift she could have received. Her story is so different from any other wedding day which makes it all the more special and important to capture.

I started off by recording each bridesmaid the day of the wedding. Each and every one of them had a deep, meaningful message for Daniel and Shayna and their hopes for them in the future. These messages will be put in the capsule so they will not see them until they open it. I registered the capsule with NotForgotten and made the opening date for 12/13/2021. I choose this date because it will be their one year anniversary of their wedding and they can go back and relive the happy moment and remind them of how happy they make each other. Hopefully by that time there will be a baby involved.

The overall process of creating her capsule was relatively easy. I choose to make the capsule available to the public as well. Since the capsule has a lifespan for up to 150 years, I figured this could be guidance to those who may go through unprecedented times much like we are now. This wedding was uncharted territory that may give guidance for someone who needs it.

Uploading the digital assets were extremely easy considering I knew exactly what I wanted the capsule to hold. I had both Shayna and Daniel take pictures of their vows and send them to me. Their words were too beautiful not to save. You can’t write a speech without a dry eye in the room and expect it to never be talked about again.

Secondly, my family had been recorded while saying our speeches. While my voice was unsteady, my words were confident. It is occasions like this where people express how they truly feel about you and I think that is something that should be remembered. I also figured the next time we get into a fight she can look back on that video and see just how moving and persuasive I can be.

The photographer had taken so many beautiful photos that day as well. I choose my favorites and with Shayna’s approval added them. I also added a link to my last blog so she can see what it was like leading up to the wedding and remember why I am the favorite sister (sorry Rachel)! Lastly, I wrote a personal note saying how happy I am for the two of them, Kind of like a card you give with a gift.

The whole process probably took me about 10 minutes which was hard to believe considering it would last for about two lifetimes.

Once the time capsule was officially registered, I felt relieved. Too much effort was put into this wedding for it to be forgotten.

Nothing in life comes easily. It is important for us to remember the little things that make us happy, and that includes each other. If it were easy would it really be worth it? Moments come and go with a blink of an eye. After the wedding I had asked Shayna if she believed all of this was worth it. She looked at me with a happiness I had never seen before and responded,

“Life never came easily to me until I met Daniel. I knew when he proposed our love wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted that love to be declared to the world and knew we would have the wedding we deserved one way or another. I don’t regret this day, it was more perfect than I ever could have imagined even if Covid didn’t exist.”

My message to you, writer to reader, is to live in these times with as much hope as you can muster. Sometimes happiness comes with risk, but we have adapted enough to 2020 that we know how to compromise. Make the best out of our situation by clinging to loved ones and making sure they know just how much you love them…and vice versa.

Happy holidays all and let’s go into the new year healthy and safely!

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