• Mallory Garber

Why Time Capsules are The Best For Getting to Know You

When it comes to letting people get to know you, why should your life story be limited to one? With time capsules, the opportunities are limitless.

Read this blog to understand why saving your stories is so important for both yourself and your future.

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when we are faced with the question:

“What story would you tell that describes you best?”

Whether it is a job interview, first date, or simple conversation, it seems to be the go-to ice breaker. As if we can define our entire personality and years of existence through a single story. How are we supposed to live up to those expectations? What if we tell it wrong? What if what seems interesting to us is boring to another? Can we collectively as a society stop normalizing that question as if it does not hold the weight of the world? Every single moment we live leading up to the present is a crucial detail in making us into the person we are right now. That being said, there are larger details than others. What stands out to us throughout life should not be a defining factor on who we are. We should be able to tell a story simply because well…we like it.

When it came to brainstorming a topic for this blog, I had decided that I wanted it to be about someone who has lived more exotic stories than I could count. I decided to settle for my Uncle Brad. I think every family has that one member that is just a bit more out there than the rest. When I say out there, I mean he prefers the company of his pet dog, Napoleon, and monkey (yes I said monkey), Mookie, over people.

Brad has always had an itch for travel. This itch has lead him to various parts of the world, creating stories that my cousins and I have some living up to do. When speaking with him I was very close to asking him the very question that I despise so much. It popped up in my head like a reflex, a habit that I plan to grow out of. Taking my own advice, I decided to go with his stories that were my favorites as a kid. They in no way described my Uncle Brad’s personality in one sitting, but contributed to it as a whole.

In 1984, Brad Berman was 30 years old. Being the young, ambitious traveler he was, he embarked on a 24 day safari in Africa that would take him to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. On the 12th day, Brad found himself in the swamps in Botswana. As they headed to the local village, his guide had said they could rent canoes and explore the swamp themselves. The moment Brad learned he could do something on his own, he was already sprinting to the dock as the guides words echoed, “beware of the man-eating crocodiles” behind him. While paddling out, he did not see any crocs, but a hippo head would break the surface every now and then. While he sounds fearless, the idea of being bitten to death by angry hippos made Brad very nervous which lead him to slowly start paddling back to safety.

He was almost to shore when suddenly he felt a bump under his canoe and found himself momentarily trapped and immobilized under water (now this is the part of the story where you gasp in suspense). When asked what went through his head at that moment, my uncle explained,

“I was about 100 yards from shore, but I knew I was surrounded by man-eating crocs…and a pissed off hippo that might bite my legs off.”

You could imagine how quickly he booked it to shore. As he dragged himself back on to the sand, he noticed a bit of soreness in his shoulder. Turns out with all the adrenaline he failed to notice the casualty where the angry hippo left his mark. After being made a screw-driver by the local bar to ease the pain, he was rushed to the nearest hospital where he stayed for 10 days. He managed to leave the hospital with an outstanding balance of only $52. Thirty seven years later, a small faded hippo bite scar remains on his body along with a beyond interesting story to tell.

Now I’m sure you just read that thinking how random of a story that was, but that’s the whole point! Our lives are filled